A location so central that you’re seconds from all the action and world-class amenities. Yet, there’s a subtle calmness to the area. A tranquility that has weaved itself into the hidden pathways and lush parkland that line the bustling streets. From its unique location at the top of Rosedale, you can enjoy all the area has to offer. Some say it’s magical. Others don’t even have the words to describe it.


Throughout rock and roll’s golden years, 1331 Yonge Street was at the top of the charts for Toronto’s greatest cultural icons. Here, beneath the warm and comforting glow of its iconic ‘Dial 1050 CHUM’ neon sign, disc jockeys and radio producers worked behind the scenes keeping the city singing and grooving along with the latest rock and roll beats.

Within these very walls, countless entertainment icons came to play: Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Elton John and the Rolling Stones to name a few. If the public caught so much as a whisper that one of their heartthrobs was going to be here, the sidewalks and streets outside would be mobbed with fans hoping to catch even a glimpse of their star.

From 1959 up until the mid-’80s, this building and its 1050 spot on the AM dial were the centre of Toronto’s rock and roll universe. Meanwhile, CHUM had also developed a hugely successful 104.5 CHUM-FM sister station featuring the much-loved Roger, Rick and Marilyn show – radio hosts that to this day remain some of Toronto’s most recognizable radio personalities.

In 2009, CHUM vacated its space at the top of Toronto and moved downtown to Richmond Street West. By that time, 1050 CHUM was already just a memory in Toronto entertainment lore. The last rock song the AM station played was also its first: Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up.”

Today, The Jack is set to shake up mid-town Toronto. Discover your playground, reborn.